What is the purpose of the Spark-PA study?

Spark-PA is a clinical research study exploring an investigational study drug that may help people with primary aldosteronism (PA) lower their blood pressure.

The drug is investigational. This means it can only be used for research. It is not currently approved as a treatment for high blood pressure caused by PA. 

What will happen during the study?

If you decide to join the study, participation will last up to 74 weeks and includes the following:


  • The Screening period involves up to 2 study clinic visits and lasts up to 5 weeks. You will receive health assessments and may need to adjust your blood pressure medications.

Study Drug

  • If you qualify, you will take the study drug daily and visit the study clinic 5 times over the course of the 12-week treatment period (the treatment period may be extended to 13 weeks).
  • During this time, you will measure your blood pressure daily at home and record your measurements in a diary.
  • After 12 weeks, you may choose to continue to the Extension period or move directly to the Follow-up period.

Extension (Optional)

  • If you choose to continue in this period, you will keep taking the study drug every day.
  • You will visit the study clinic 4 times over 36 weeks.
  • You will also measure your blood pressure at home at least once per week.

Follow up

  • About a week after your last dose of the study drug, the study staff will follow up with you over the phone. They will discuss any medications you are taking and how you are feeling.
  • You will also attend 1–2 final visits at the study clinic.

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